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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Personal word to unemployers who had no choice,but to move in with another person

At first, I explained about how to overcome stress while being unemployed. However, I came with some thoughts in my mind today. I want to talk people who have been unemployed to which it caused them to move in at another person's house. Therefore,this is on a different level because they deal with a good amount of stress.Some people have probably tried to have a change of mentality where they try to releive stress of unemployement,but find it very hard.

In what I mean by this, majority of people have probably had been laid off, and had to move out of their house because he they couldn't afford to pay their notes,or other bills. However, some people didn't have no choice,but to move into a so-called friend or relatives' house so that they would not be homeless. However, some people feel like it was the best thing that happened to them so that they can get on their feet. Other people feel like it was a mistake. However, I want to talk about people who had no choice,but had to move with a so-called friend or relative to which they felt like it was a mistake.

Having spoken earlier to people who felt that it was a mistake to stay with another person, it is difficult to overcome depression and stress! Some people will say that it's easy, but it's not! This is because the people who moved with that relative or so-called friend, they are battling with stress about their job searches, and the relative or so-called friend bugging them about their job search. They are dealing with double emotional and mental battles.

The people who are unemployed, they are doing their the best so that they can to get hired. They use different techiques from other people, and get help from outside sources in order to get hired, but they don't receive no calls. They continue to search and work with tired efforts to get hired by an employer day by day, and then they have to hear the consistant nagging from the person whom they say with. The nagger always give them a hard time! These are certain statement that they will probably do to you can every day while in the process of finding a job.

1. When are you going to get a job?
2. you need to get a job
3. you sit up here every day being lazy!
4. You need to try harder
5. What happened " Did you get the job?"
6. Have you heard from any jobs? You need to go up there to being at the job site!
7. Days and mouths have went by, and nothing!You're not doing nothing!

However, these are certian things that naggers will say. Relatives sometimes can be the worst ! People who give others a hard time when they working consistant to find a job everyday. These people doesn't have any sense of imagining themselves in their shoes. The reason why I say this, because they have never went jobless for a while! They have never been in that person's shoes! Naggers are very impatient,rude, which they use excuses that they pay the bills and exc. That might be true, but they don't understand that there is nothing worse than being unemployed and having the feeling of being laid off.The naggers should be grateful they have a job,and a source of income coming and not complaing about their job because they won't know that layoffs might happen to them.

In contrast, These people have to deal with the nagger, and the job-hunting frustrations that they are dealing with emotionally and mentality.They have to deal with that every day. The people who are unemployed have feelings of being uncomfortable with their naggers house, which could be the so-called friends, or relative. Some people who are naggers don't want that person to be in their house, but they say "yes" to them when they ask for permission. That's something I don't get with some people! If the naggers didn't want him or her there, they should have told him or her that in the first place very nicely.

Neverless,if one is looking for a job rather it is online or the internet, the nagger should have compassion and saying that he or she is doing their best, and making tired efforts to get a job. Therefore,people can pick up when they are not wanted at another person's house! Some naggers don't say nothing, but their actions speak a lot that they don't want that person to be in thier house!Remember actions speak louder than words! The reason I call these types of people naggers because they don't feel what that other person is feeling emotionally! People who have been laid off, and have to move out their own home! Before one makes the decision to move in with that person, it's important to ask oneself questions!

Ask yourself these questions
Do they make other people uncomfortable while at their house?
Is this person a constant complainer?
Do they show other people respect?
Do they have a mindset of manipulation?
Do they enjoy giving people a hard time?
Do they have a sense of compassion of how others feel?
Have I ever witnessed them giving someone a hard time previously, who was looking for a job with tired efforts every day?
Do they show gratefulness!

These are questions to ask! Due to my own personal experience, I ask myself those questions about that person. Don't get me wrong, I have done this,and still do it! Is this trying to judgemental in a negative way?! No way! This is because one is being careful, and not putting one's in a situation to cause major conflict!

 Moreover, some people can be tricky while asking them to stay at their house in order to get back on your feet. They will claim that won't give you a hard time by saying deceptive words, but their hearts reveal something else! Sometimes, it takes a good discerner to know! It is important to listen to your gut- feeling,or spirit about that person. Therefore, I hope that this personal word spoke to you mentality and physically.

(©)Copyright by Tyler J.Logan
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