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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Burnout by job-searching

Having spoken before in the first part about unemployement stress, burnout by job searching is the main thing that has been happening in this present time. I spoke about how to overcome stress in part II previously!

Therefore, some people will have problems adjusting their mindset in order to have a change of mentality!Moreover, they want someone to speak to them what they have been going through, which is one of things that lifts their spirits!

However,most people who have had success every time in job-search, never had a problem. I will say,but no offense! This is not for them because they cannot relate, and will find something destructive to say! This is for those who have been frustrated! Those who have continued everyday to find a job for months! Most people have a hard time being happy during their time of unemployement, which causes anger and frustrations! Sometimes,job searching can become very frustrating! This could be on the internet,at a jobs'corps, or driving from employer to employer to put an application.

At times, one has filled out application after application and there were no results. Time after time again, one has probably made adjustments in their resumes, and probably had other people to help him or her on their resume in order for it to look professional, but there were no results!

 In addition, one has probably made adjustments time after time in order to really impress the person who is the interviewer, but no results!

Sometimes, one has looked on the internet for answers in order to have an impressive resume, application, or to have an impressive interview so that he or she can obtain the job! In what I mean by that, one has done certain steps in what others has told them to do ! Too, one who have been doing job searching for months, but no results. There are sometimes the employers call a person to interview with him or her ! A person's confidence is built up, and then he or she goes to the interview ready!

Too, one have probably had a call for an interview! That person had an interview with interviewer, but the interviewer showed body langauge that he or she was impressed! Sometimes, there were possiblites that the interviewer probably told the person that he or she was very impressive,and they will call back!

 In addition,there were sometimes one went to the particular job place to see what was going on!
 They didn't know what happened, but they say that they will call back! Then weeks or mouths later, they never call back!This causes one's confidence to be low. We then wonder where we are going wrong in our resumes, interviewing, and applications! We some times ask oursleves, " I am tired of going through this!I asked and went for help!Why I cannot get nobody to hire me!"

 At times, we mostly understand that most employers are backed up with resumes and applications! Sometimes we probably have questions in our minds like, " Did that employer really get to my resume,or application? Did that employer look over my resume on purpose?! Was that employer really telling the truth when they spoke that they were hiring?"

In addition, a person probably didn't hear from the employer who he or she interviewed with; he or she went to see about what happened, but the employer didn't know what happened, but they say that they are going to call back to check up on it, or the employer told him or her that someone got the position! Sometimes, it's a test of how we will act.

I am not going to lie to the readers that it's stressful while having to wait for employer to call. Usually, we get very mad! There is a time that we get burned out and angry while job-searching while wanting to quit! Some people say " don't get burned out!" I am sorry when a person has been searching for months, he or she has feelings of wanting to quit! That person speak to themselves "I cannot quit because I has a family, or I have a particular bill to pay!" It caused you to continue because of thinking about the family Throughout that long time of unemployement, we discover gratefulness! What do I mean by that?

Even though most people have been through a long road of unemployement, most people have certain thoughts about showing appeciation when we hired from an employer!! Too, most people  have sometimes thoughts about " people need to be grateful for their job!That person don't know what he or she has until their job is gone!There is nothing worse than being unemployed!" While hearing someone who is employed, he or she complained about their job! You probably say to him or her, you need to be grateful! You never know what will happen!Layoff or anything can happen! I want your job!"

There are going to be some days that we need rest from job-hunting! It true because we need to take a breather every now and then! I am not telling one to give up in their search, but I will admitt there are times that we feel burnout due to looking for a job for months!

(©)Copyright by Tyler J.Logan
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