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Sunday, November 8, 2009

How to overcome unemployment stress part II

I wanted to write more about how to overcome unemployment stress! Due to a bad ecomony,we can still have the power to overcome stress! While one is still doing a job search, one can make a discovery of their talent or ability! You probably ask what does this certain thing has to do with overcoming unemployement stress! I say that it's a good time to discover what you really love to do! Think about the things that you are talented in, or have the ablity to do! The things that you love to do!

This might be writing, drawing,catering, cooking for other people, creating inventions, writing music, making music, playing intrustments, singing,designing, playwriting, and much more! Every person on this earth has unique talent or ability! Every person has a talent that can bless, and also make an impression on other people!

 Most likely your talent or ablity can be the source to make income flow to you, and too solving a person's problem! It takes time, work, and believing! In order to believe and have confidence, get you some tapes of postive speakers and listen to them, or get a tape recorder and speak one wants their talent to be a blessing to other people in the radio! This is where one's confidence build, but it takes time to build in one's soul and spirit! I will admitt negative thoughts will try and come back on some days!!

In addition, one can find ways online to find ways to make some income! This could be a home-based bussiness, or other sites to make a passive income in what he or she loves to do!If it's something that one doesn't love to do,then he or she will give up very quickly to which he or she will be frustrated, disappointed and mad due the income not coming in very fast!

 Also, I want to say to others that it is important to be careful while looking for a home-based bussiness because some of them are scams! If one decides to start a home-based bussiness, do your homework on them, do research on that company!Don't jump into a home-based bussiness with doing the homework!Also,one must remember that it takes time and work to build a home-based based buissess! I really hope that this has helped everyone who read this article who are unemployed.

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